About Us

Welcome to our site.

We understand that when you’re looking for property management, if you’re a property owner, or for a vacation for those precious weeks away from work it’s important that you have confidence in the company that you’re booking your holiday with.

At Property Hounds we have many years of experience in the property management, holiday and long term rental markets in Spain.

Over the years we’ve adapted our approach to give a relaxing experience from the initial contact all the way through contracting for management clients or to being checked out on the day of your departure for rental clients.

We’re on hand to help with any questions that you may have and because of our caring approach we have many long standing clients and returning guests year on year.

So, whether you are looking for property management or a short break or long term rental, we’re here to help you find what you need.

Please get in touch with us by email, phone or text and we’ll do our best to find the ideal property for you.